Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Rangoli is a traditional folk art of India ,which symbolises joy and happiness.Decorative designs are made on floor ,normally at the entrance or the courtyard of the house.
Genrally rangolis are done by the women of the house and on festivals and special occasions..Initially these rangolis were done with natural flours and spices,like the rice flour ..turmeric powder,but with changing times chemicals colors ,colored sands,paints ,flowers ,chalk are being used.

Its rather interesting that rangoli is called Kolam in South,Mandana in Rajasthan,Chowkpurna in North India and Alpana in Bengal.The design and patterns vary from state to state.Today I am sharing a rangoli which can be reused.

This is  done on a piece of plywood,you could use a plank.
Paint this with Terra cotta acrylic color.Let dry.
Choose a design and draw with chalk.
Using white acrylic color go over the design and paint.Let dry.
Using fevicol or any good glue stick blings and golden half cut pearls,wherever you want to higlight.
This is a rangoli which I had made three years back for Diwali ..over a period of time the golden pearls have antiqued..but one can always change these to fresh up the rangoli.

This rangoli goes to Black and White Wednesday
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Orange Kesari

Week 5!!....Blog Hop Wednesday!!!!...Radhika!!!!....The amazing lady,who came up  with this wonderful concept of cooking from a different blogger’s blog every alternate week.

This week I am cooking from Sangeetha’s blog Typical Indian Kitchen.It has both veg and non veg recipes.I like the way she explains everything step by step with pictures.In normal course of cooking  I avoid making sweets ,so this time decided to do a sweet Pineapple Peach Kesari Bhat…Check out the original recipe here. I changed the fruit and used orange,the true Kesari color.…when I read the word Bath..I wondered…Bhaat  in Gujrati  is rice….but well this is not rice it is sooji ka halwa,but fruit flavored.

Here is my version with some changes to the original recipe….

1 ½ cup................. orange pulp
1 ½ cups............... sooji
3 cups ...................water
1 ¼ cups ...............sugar
½ tsp..................... cardamom pwd
Pinch orange food color
Almonds to garnish

Heat 2tbsp ghee.
Roast sooji till golden.
In another pan add 2tbsp ghee.
Add pulp,saute’.
Add water,sugar and cardamom pwd.
Add roasted sooji and the rest of the ghee.
Stir continuously ,so that no lumps are formed,
 and kesari starts leaving sides.
Cook on slow fire for a few minutes.
Garnish with almonds.

Sending this Halwa to Anu's Diwali Festival of lights,Black and White Wednesday
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Floating Rangoli

When we talk of Rangoli,we always think of a courtyard or entrance of a house decorated with intricate designs and patterns on the floor,white outlined designs and powdered colors filled in.I always thought why not make a rangoli inside the house....but somehow a rangoli on floor and inside the house never seems to be practical One has to keep reminding everyone  Hey careful!!..

So here is a Rangoli ...beautiful...simple on a table top..with blings and glitters and shimmers!!can be shifted from one area to other,and reused!!

What you need...
Pattern paper
Acrylic sheet
Cello tape
Decoration glue/ fevicol
Blings in various colours and shapes
Half pearls
Glitter tubes

Decide on a pattern.
Trace on a acrylic sheet.
Cut the design.
Decorate with glitter ,blings and beads.

I did this floating Rangoli for a Diwali dinner.The rangoli keris float in a acqua pot .with a tea light candle.
This was placed on a side table with silk runner and choclates ,sweets and gift packets were arranged  around the pot.
The circular designs floats in a urli with rose petals and tea light candle.
Some rangoli pieces can also be put around to adorn the runners.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

7 Link Challenge

The hot fun game of Tagging in the Blog World!!..Frankly I was not aware of it till Radhika tagged me and explained me what it is.
The challenge is to write a post  on seven themes and link the posts.After publishing the link the blogger  tags another 7 bloggers…and so it goes on ......

When I sat down to decide me I found this kind of difficult…but fun!!
 This is how I have categorized my posts,wonder what you guys would have to say…

The Most Beautiful Post
This was one of my earliest posts..and I love its colorful pictures,besides this was a very innovative recipe!
Again I love the pictures ..must tell you that this post got me a book by Tarla Dalal on Mocktails!!

The Most Popular Post
I loved this post and enjoyed it as much as my fellow bloggers did!!

The Most Controversial Post


The Most Helpful Post
Absolutely authentic syrup with the fresh fragrance of roses,which can be used in a variety of drinks and Indian Desserts.

The Post which did not get The Attention it Deserved
This is a wonderful sweet…but.was not noticed!!

The fusion nutrition packed dish which turned out a  absolute hit, viewers failed to notice.

 another wonderful recipe..healthy too...which was'nt noticed...may be I  was new to the blogging world!

The Post That I am Proud of
For this I got a vague recipe and after posting, the recipe owner,a friend was more than surprised!!..she absolutely went nuts!!..a strange joy of achievement.

Randomly Innovated!!....but relished to the core..a Super Duper Hit in the family.

The Surprisingly Successful Post
The Bloggers really appreciated this one…whereas I felt it was something simple .

Here are some of the friends I have tagged,hoping they will  enjoy the challenge.....
Friends if any of you is not keen on this please let me know,I can tag some other friend.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011


For the month of August the ICC announced Jalebi.This is one Indian Dessert that I love,and wanted to try it immediately...but the waeather kept ditching me.Day after day...we were getting non stop rains...and I did not want a soggy Jalebi.Anyway finally I made them ..on a rainy day...but they did not get a chance to get soggy..the minute I removed one from the got over!

Jalebi ,an Indian dessert that is deep fried batter piped into concentric circles,soaked into flavored sugar syrup, gooey...sweet and tastes best when served piping hot.When I talk of Jalebi the very first thought is of the famous Jalebi Wallah of Chandni Chowk..Old Delhi.Each saffron colored jalebi made in pure ghee weighs about 400 gms. While eating these the juice drips and one cant help licking fingers...m..mmmm...just miss those crunchy juicy jalebis ..the Jalebi in Gujrat are quite thin and pale colored..somewhere on the yellow tone...but ofcourse a jalebi is a dont mind enjoying it.right?We have special days like Uttarayan(the kite flying festival)....Dusherra when you see people queing up to buy these sweets.

the famous Jalebi wala Chandni Chowk ,Old Delhi
piping through a muslin cloth
dont miss the size of each jalebi...after the sugar syrup each one weighs nearly 400 gms
piping through a pot,piping outside to inside
thinner jalebis...of Gujrat
queing up for jalebis!!

Coming to my version..well I followed the recipe ditto.I started piping the batter ...and it started wiggling......felt the batter should have been thick!...I added some flour and corn starch  and then tried..still was not very happy..then came in my 13year old neice...since she insisted I gave her to try...and a wonderful job..she piped the circle outside to inside.and that was the trick I followed and the jalebis came out super.I used a gits..jalebi maker to pipe these jalebis.I used a small pan to fry at a time,since I did not want to waste so much pure ghee.(..once burned ..its no good to store it.)I would fry one ..and it would disappear...believe me they just finished in tasting...eating???..I wonder how many more I would have to make..I saved one for the picture!!

100 gms................ maida
1 cup..................... curds
30 gms.................. cornstarch
1tbsp..................... lemon juice
1tbsp..................... hot oil
Mix the above ingredients and make a thick batter.
Leave overnight to ferment it.

Sugar Syrup
1cup sugar
1/2 cup water
Dissolve sugar and water.
Cook till you reach the syrup consistency.
Add soaked saffron.

Piping the jalebi
Pour the batter in a jalebi maker /piping bag.
Heat pure ghee.
Pipe the jalebis .
Starting from outside going inside make concentric circles.
Remove and dip into the syrup.
Remove from the syrup.
Serve on a bed of rose petals.

my first jalebi
the first trial by my 13 year old niece
some wiggly ones.....too.....
saved for the picture!!

Thanks Valli for such an awsum was fun doing this challenge.Sending this to Anu's Diwali Festival.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Zesty Fruits

The concept of Blog Hop Wednesday is very interesting. Radhika  of Tickling Palates has worked hard and now we have a big family of bloggers,where we cook from a new blog every alternate Wednesday.For this Wednesday I had to cook from Priya Sreeram’s Bon Apetit. Priya is not new to me and I have always liked her recipes,but this time got a chance to study her blog thoroughly.As always had a tough time deciding…..but the Zesty Fruits made my mouth water.I went around looking for mango..but hard luck!! I decided to use different fruits.I chose red delicious apples,green apples and pineapple.To tell the truth I was very hesitant with the tempering,but I still gave it a shot!!and actually was glad…I would have missed the best part..the crunch udad dal gave .This is how I made….Zesty Fruits. delicious apple apple
Few slices pineapple
Salt to taste /rock salt
Red chilly pwd to taste
Few drops lemon juice

Tempering (optional )
1tsp ............oil
1tsp ............mustard seeds
1tsp............ udad dal
Chop the fruits into cubes…I scooped balls from both the apples.
Add salt and chilly pwd.
Chill for about half hour.
Temper with mustard seeds and udad dal.

I chilled the fruits as firstly I like them chilled and secondly the salt and chilly pwd seeped in the fruits ,which gave them a wonderful flavor.I tempered it at the end as I wanted the crunch of the dal.People who are fasting can omit the udad dal.

Thanks Priya everyone enjoyed these Zesty Fruits!!..and these go to Ruth and Jacqueline for Book Marked Recipes.Susan for Black and White Wednesday .Also these go to Kid's Delight for No Fire Cooking , Tickling Palates , momchef , Divya Pari and Soniya for Fasting Foods.


only fasting food

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