Saturday, June 30, 2012

Punjab Dhabas

I was looking forward to our family vacation to the North. Some of them are my favorite places.Favorite due to two reasons,one because I love the serenity and the atmosphere of the Golden Temple....two, the food of Punjab. We were visiting Punjab and Himachal.

Our journey was by train and road.After Delhi we travelled by road.Jallandhar was our first main stop on route to Amritsar.We stopped at my favorite restaurant Haveli.Haveli is a sophisticated dhaba.This is one of the best places  for authentic Punjabi foods one can visit on NH1 GT RD.The ambience is far from a dhaba, centrally airconditioned, with a stationery truck inside.You can see the typical Punjab culture around the place.Mannequins depicting the culture surround the exterior.Coming to food…It is cooked in pure ghee, the hot favorites being black daal, chole, saag, gohhi aaloo ..and of course dahi bhalla. It is served in steel thalis by people dressed in typical Punjabi attire with turbans.Here are some of the glimpses of Haveli Restaurant  I captured for you guys.

munshi writing his accounts..rt at the entrance
....this is the way to cook tandoori rotis!!
a glimpse of the interior..mark that old radio
a stationery truck is placed...yes this is the interior !!
parandis from punjab displayed on one of the pillars
some antique glasses and thalis
menu card
thali with chole,black daal,paneer,kheer,raita
after mints

Our next stop was Amritsar.We wanted to visit the Golden Temple. Being a Sunday, we were told it would take about 4hours for the darshan so we decided to visit the darbar in the morning hours.Time for dinner…something I had been looking forward ever since the trip was planned.I could see the little ones conking off and so it was decided to order at the hotel.Well I showed my keen interest so hubby dear allowed me to go with my neice to the famous”Bharawan da Dhaba''.I have mentioned  about this dhaba in one of BM posts on Punjabi food.

The dhaba was jam packed.Actually....not a dhaba in the true sense, with time ithe interior and exterior have  been modernized .The food served here is absolutely yum. All preperations are in pure ghee.The dinner for two costed us Rs 100 ,which included black daal, gobhi aaloo, raita, salad,naan phirni and a coke.Also I got some kheer packed.Some of the glimpses of this dhaba.

I wish you guys could taste this would really love it.

That's the wondeful dhabha..all jam packed!!
a simple thali

phrini was ordered separately

Next day we visited the temple early morning after which we headed for Jia,a place on route to Manali.Some glimpses of the actual dhaba now, where you have all the pots of daals and curries on display with live cooking.You sit by the roadside and enjoy this finger licking food.No fancy dishes, no table cloths..but wonderful piping hot food made to your taste.Lovely tadkas in simply relished the meal. 

typical road side dhaba
The pot of black daal which was  simmering on the stove all the time
The pedas ...ready to be made into tandoori rotis
two tadkas...which were used in various dishes
daal tadka
daal tadka, kadi pakoda,mattar paneer, non spicy daal

Now we were off to Jia…in Himachal Pradesh. I shall write another post on the  food served in this part of the country.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mexican Bean Salad

BM #17   Day 3

A quick salad  with beans and herbs makes a delicious treat.I keep varying it every time I make ,but the basic taste remains the same , as I don’t change the herbs. Sometimes I just give the beans a churn in the mixer and use it as a dip and at times grab a toast with it . A nice filling dinner is done.You can also use it for your bruschetta toppings.

1can............. baked beans
2tbsp............ hot and sweet ketchup
½ cup........... shredded cabbage..use any purple or green or a combination
2tbsp............ chopped ,yellow, green
2tbsp............ chopped onion/ spring onion
2tbsp............ olives chopped
Chilly flakes
Salt to taste
Empty the contents of the beans in a bowl.
Add all the ingredients.
Mix well.
Adjust the herbs to your taste.
Garnish with grated cheese and crushed nacho chips.
Serve chilled.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Couscous Salad

BM # 17   Day 2

I had been reading about couscous  but I actually got to taste it on my holiday in London.Ever since wanted to try this salad, Finally I spotted it in the supermarket and here I am with this salad.Absolutely apt for the summer heat.

 ½ cup........ raisins
 ¼ cup......... orange juice
 ¼ cup......... lemon juice
 ¼ cup......... olive oil
 ½ tsp.......... salt
 ¼ tsp.......... cinnamon
 ¼ tsp ..........cayenne pepper, to taste
 3 cups........ vegetable broth / water
 1 ½ cups.... couscous, uncooked
 1................... red or yellow ,green bell pepper, cubed
 ¼ cup......... shredded purple cabbage
 1................... red onion, diced
 ¼ cup......... chopped fresh coriander

Whisk together the raisins, orange juice, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, cinnamon and   cayenne until well mixed.
 Boil the vegetable broth and add the couscous.
 Cover, remove from heat and let stand for 8 to 10 minutes, or until couscous is done.     
 Fluff couscous with a fork and allow to cool.
 Add veggies and dressing.
 Serve chilled.


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Also linking it to Krithi's Kitchen for Serve it Raw series and to Pinch of Salt 's Salad Splendour

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lankan Salad

BM # 17   Day 1

On our visit to Sri Lanka, Nancy the house maid prepared some wonderful Lankan meals…but unfortunately I never bothered to write the recipes.Among all recipes this salad is the only recipe that I remember and have been following since the past 15 years.It's a wonderful filling salad with a crunch of peanuts.

1cup............... shredded cabbage
1tsp................. oil
½ tsp ...............mustard seeds
2tsp................. roasted / fried peanuts chilly , chopped
¼...................... cup grated coconut
Few curry leaves
Coriander leaves
Salt to taste
Lemon juice
Heat oil.
Add mustard, green chilly, curry leaves and peanuts.
Add cabbage and salt.
Saute’ on full flame for 2-3 mins.
Remove and cool.
Add lemon juice, coconut and coriander.
Mix well. Chill and serve.

Light, crunchy this salad is a dieter’s delight.

Linking it to Gayatri's WTML hosted by Pradnya ,Krithi's Kitchen for Serve it Raw series and to Salad Splendour

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Perfect Soul Mates..A Scrap Page

After I long time I took some paper and scissors..with cookery taking priority my crafting has taken a back seat. I guess crafting needs more time, you got to spread a million things and it takes a few days ..or months to complete one project.The results are slow, but surely wonderful.
Anyway this is a scrap page I did for my nephew and his fiance’..who are happily married now.
I used a canvas ,applied some tissues to give that wrinkle look , some pages from an old book as the base.Used  a square format , except one rectangle which I used for the photograph. These are cut outs from mount board covered with scrap paper and then inked.Each of these squares is embellished with different kinds of flowers, beads and butterflies .Lace and ribbons naturally go along with them.

This  is a lollipop flower which I embossed, made it matt by using sand paper technique and inking with a contrast blue.

I have used tones of beige…making it subtle.The cutouts are from a foam sheet ,ofcourse using my favorite cuttle bug.The whole page is highlighted with a broad lace and a organza ribbons and some paper roses, not forgetting that pink feather.

My love and wishes to this beautiful couple.God Bless Them!!
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gulkand / Rose Petal Preserve

 BM # 17   Day 3

I love roses specially the Indian variety.They lend a heavenly aroma.Love to use them in my dishes. Recently when our friend’s son got married we were left with a big basket of these.Normally I dry them , but since I had a good stock of the dried ones , thought of making Gulkand.

Gulkand is rose petal preserve which originated in India and Pakistan.This is a cooling agent and used mainly in paans. This is also used in some of the Indian sweets, it is quite sweet so people who are diabetic should not consume it.The procedure to make is really simple…

Rose petals

Wipe the rose petals with a damp cloth.
Discard the wilted or dry leaves.
Dry them for a while.
Using a sterilized  jar put a layer of rose petals .
Next a layer of sugar, again petals.
Repeat till petals are over.
Place the jar in the sun.
This shall take 2-3 weeks .
It can be stored  in the pantry and does not require refrigeration.
If you wish you can add cardamoms to it.


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Monday, June 18, 2012

Sun Dried Chillies

BM # 17   Day 2

My Granny used to make these chillies..and I loved them even as a little girl. She bacame old and…mom never made such things. I started getting these from Mumbai from a South Indian store. The filling in those chillies had super duper salt! could say atleat triple of what is required, so finally gave up. I gave up on these till one day thought of trying them myself. They are very simple and add that zing to the food ,which is loved by the spice lovers. A simple daal rice menu..and two of these chillies crushed and sprinkled!.or a bite into them after every bite….!!!!!! mouth is watering while writing.!!  You guys must try these and I bet you you shall get addicted.I restrict myself to eating two at a time .....though I can have...well...lets not think of that now !!

Fresh green chillies
Lemon juice

Wash and wipe the chillies.
Make slits , keeping them intact.
Fill in salt a little generously.
Fill in lemon juice.
Place them in a flat pan and add some more juice.
Leave it in the sun to dry.
This should take 4-5 days.
Deep fry or shallow fry when you want to use them.

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